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The Need
Many seniors face a critical point in their lives when they are forced to give up driving for reasons including personal and public safety. In our car-based culture, where freedom and independence are virtually synonymous with driving, relinquishing the steering wheel marks a difficult transition that can easily become a downward spiral of isolation, sedentary living, and deteriorating health.

Cycling is an excellent alternative mode of transportation that also brings substantial health benefits. Unfortunately, using a bicycle or tricycle for transportation requires a level of conditioning that most seniors do not possess. Electric mobility scooters are another alternative that are especially useful to those with difficulty walking. However, for the many seniors who can walk short distances without difficulty, the use of mobility scooters can contribute to declining health by encouraging sedentary behavior. What is currently missing is a hybrid mode of transportation that can compensate for a person’s age and condition without overcompensating.

Our Solution
Goodlife Trikes was founded on the idea that a mobility solution can also constitute a lifestyle change toward improved physical fitness. Our trikes make cycling an accessible transportation alternative to a wide range of people when driving is no longer an option. They measure the exertion of the rider and automatically assist pedaling with a powerful electric motor. The nature of the assistance can be precisely controlled to meet the specific needs and limitations of the rider. They are unlike any other electric bikes or trikes on the market today.

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  • Staff

    Executive Director: Karlee Dickman

  • Board

    Kathy Roselli, PT (chair)
    Judith Murphy, M.D.
    Eric Thiermann, Impact Media

  • Advisory Board

    Robert Morris, Mechatronics
    Dainuri Rott, Manufacturing
    Dr. Andrew Newmann, M.D.
    Dr. Calvin Brennemann, M.D.
    Bob Schneeveis, Electric Vehicles
    Joette Farrand, OPT

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